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Giants Sleeping Chords

Tuning: Standard
No Capo
3/4 Timing

If you play the chords like this it should sound identical to the original recording.

Im not sure what the chord names are for the (C1) and (C2), but follow the tab, 
and make sure to mute the low E string with your thumb. Don't worry too much about 
muting the other strings and it should be fine

     F                                      (C1)     (C2)         C/Gmaj9     C/Emaj7  
     0                                        X         X                 0                 0
     1                                        X         X                 1                 0
     2                                        X         X                 0                 0
     3                                        3         5                 0                 2
     3                                        5         7                 2                 3
     0                                        X         X                 3                 0

When he plays the F/Cmaj7 chord, he usually hammers on to the G string with his 
middle finger and same with the C chord on the D string. Play with that a bit and 
it should sound about right.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/koji/giants_sleeping_crd_ver_2.html ]
F                                          C            C (C1) (C2)
Appalachian giants sleeping. 
F                                         C             C (C1) (C2)
Grey, blue, green silhouettes;
F                                   C                  C (C1) (C2)        
 White dotted lines cut across a great american cloth.

F C (C1) (C2) 2x

(Repeat this pattern for 2nd and 3rd verses) 

Miles on miles off in memory. 

Ghosts haunt, hang and hover like the morning mist. 

The sun burns it off, the giants rise,

 then I know I'm alive. 

The afternoon sky is a hammer 

beating down, blinding my eyes. 

Long at last, dusk comes forgiving me.

 I know I'm alright. 

Play the pattern 2x, but instead of (C1) and (C2) use C/Gmaj9 to transition into the chorus

Em            F                                   C              C/Emaj7
Finding it easier to leave than to stay
Em                           F                                     C                  C/Emaj7
. Rushing in, rushing out through the infinite day
Em                    F                          C                      
. I'm losing myself in finding my way.
                     C/Emaj7                    G7                 C
finding my waaaaaay


Wait 4 measures then just repeat the verse and you're finished!

Criticism is appreciated