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Never Had It Bad Chords

Never had it bad 

Riff-B B B F# G G G G F# F# F# E A A A A 

Verse 1 

Listen to the music, tales of anguish told about 
with compassion and heart-felt suffering when all we do is jump around and shout 
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Dark clouds and closed doors, poverty or government's right wing 
but at the end of my eyes there's always a light so please excuse me when i sing 


Ive never had it bad oh no no never had it bad nananana 

Verse 2 

One minute up on mountain tops, next lying dead on the floor 
dissapointment is imminent, are we the bitch or are we the whore 

Listen to the music, prefer it happy or prefer it sad 
well i know what i relate to cause fuck it! ive never had it bad