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Long Term Harm Tab

Long Term Harm 

Dmaj Cmaj, picking for intro, strumming for verse 

look in the air see it there for you to breathe 
everything seems so bright and colouful is that reality? is life this nice looking why is it better now than usual? 
has it really got to the stage that for everything to seem good, b and p is essential 

(picking on D7 and C7, mellow rap) 

when it gets to this stage its time to start worrying 
escaping to this different world is a blessing, 
Life's one big harsh reality, sobre eyes can clearly see 
we’re young and inexperienced, we're not yet what we want to be 

(big sounds, D-C chorus) 
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for 15 we’ve gone a long way 
lets make it different for today 

(Dska to Cska, faster) 

lets enjoy it while we can before we end up old men, 
lets carry on the way we are fuck it b and p cant do much long term harm 
we know we’re in control 
(heavy bit, riff going down,followed by solo) 

(goes into D7 C7 again) 

intelligent people shouldn’t get ruined 
by brainless fun with stuff, so lets ignore the doubters 
even if the doubters are in my mind 

(building up, jazzy) 
I love life life loves the way I live life hell yea 

(big again, massive trumpet) 
for 15 we’ve gone a long way 
lets make it different for today