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Eyes Focused Chords


Riff throughout intro and verses C5 D5 F5 G5 
Riff for chorus C5 Bb5 C5 Bb5 

Eyes focused in the dark 
3am and lying in a park 
The choice was mine I suppose 
For this frostbitten nose 
I do like it here 
But I'd prefer somewhere warmer for my beer 
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God damn I'm chilled 
My friends are somewhere in this field 
I don't want to go to sleep 
'Cause I'll wake up sobre with freezing feet 
I can't remember a time 
I felt so unfine 
So unfine yea oi oi oi 

This field is a dark sea of silence oh yea 
And the town by it is like a ghost town 
This time won't be the last time oh no 
I'll make my eyes focused and put on layers for the night 

(Repeat Verse 1 and Chorus) 

OUTRO(same riff as verses) 
Eyes focused in the dark oi oi oi 
Eyes focused in the dark oi oi oi etc etc