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Cross Over The Road Tab


Bm---A---Am---E    x2 

Bm                     A 
societys a fucked up place to be, 
Am                           E7 
the whole worlds got its back turned on me 
Bm                               A 
can someone tell me why we cant all get along 
Am                                            E 
for now theres darkness where the sun should have shone. 

Pre Chorus: 
B---D---A---E---  x2 

B                                   Bm 
looked out the window and I dont like what I see 
D                                       A 
the worlds becoming everything I dont want it to be 
Bm                               Bm7 
murderers, rapists, robbers, how do we cope? 
I tell you one thing, WE GOT NO HOPE 
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verse: (same as verse1) 
I walk down the the street and cross over the road 
theres a gang of thugs making their presence known 
they are shouting abuse and throwing things at me 
is this the world thats supposed to be free 


Bm                           A 
People say the governments to blame 
Am                           E7 
i say mankind should hang its head in shame, 
Bm                                           A 
for all the shitty, pointless things that we have done 
D                             A 
cant we stop it and all just have fun? 

background chant- “we got no hope, I dunno how we cope” 
over top- 
D                                  A 
Looked out the window and i dont like what i see 
D                                  A 
murderers, rapists and robbers taking things for free 
D                             A 
if i had some power id go out and change it to 
D                           A 
a world that better for both me and you. 

chorus really fast 

ends on picking Bminor chord with one strum to finish