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The Way I Am Chords

From live show in April 03:
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   E               G#              A       F#      
want to tell your stepdad that im comin to take you away
   E       G#       A           F#
i want to share a bedroom with you every day
   E        G#                A           F#
wanna skip college, and get married and hold you above 
 E         G#              A           F#         A
buy you a diamond and a necklace to declare my love

   E      A 
  Oh my love
  Oh my love       B
  For you how it grows 
 and thats just the way, i am 

Repeat verse chords with verse two words. 
ill go see your choir and enjoy it though i hate footloose
withstand the screeching of the tenors and take the abuse
call you up early , say i love you have a good day
do good in high schooll, just like you did its the only way

repeat prechorus but use only way instead of my love.