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Because Of You Tonight Chords

Because of You Tonight by 'mitici' Klimt 1918, chords found by Luzio&Roscio.
Standard Tuning. EADGBE

Intro: Bm, Bsus2, G, A (x6)

Bm   Bsus2     G      A  (repeated every line)
Here comes the lipgloss, 
the brand name of their age 
Roomates just paint love, 
eye shadow turns to pink 
Boys have a crush on the 
teenage da - da girls 
tonight with shaking hands 
their red ties 
Young people dance 
A                 Bm               Bsus2
with tears hidden in their eyes 
         G            Em      A
and with fear they pretend to embrace 
        Bm      Bsus2     G      A  (rhytmin' as verse)
drunken harms at night 
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G                Bm      A   
ĎYou can take me in your handsí they say 
G                Bm        A
Kissiní with lines of escape in mouth 
G                Bm      A          Em           G      A
Cominí home late at late night to cry in front of their mirrors

G -> Bm -> A  like before -> Em -> G -> A at end of verse.
Bitter sweet girls have a secret wish 
Lonely boys have not the heart to phone 
Love inside wonít let them back to sleep 
They have lost control 
Take a second to say goodbye and then 
please donít bite your lips when you walk alone 
Youth, time is coming 

G  A      Bm         A   (repeated every line)
Because of you tonight 
I feel life, I choose pain 
I give up nostalgia 
Now help me pray for you    

Bm   Bsus2   G

A            Bm   Bsus2   G  (repeated every line)
Donít cry for yesterday 
Stay wild another time 
Carry on this mortal coil

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