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Detachable Penis
King Missile

Use distortion... use all u want... it especially helps if you've got a very
loud/powerful amp... don't worry bout the neighbors waking up @ 2 AM because
you're jamming... and don't forget to make sure they can hear u sing it!

Intro/Verse (until "detachable penis")
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Then there's a crazy lil background solo... my guess is once you figure out the key
to it, you can just make it up... sorry for not having it... as a subsitute, however,
u can just play that lil riff over and over again... it alternates over the entire
song... eventually, however, it goes to this:


and at the very end, the distortion's all the way up, and then the 1st riff is just
played without the pauses between power chords...

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