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The Brightest Light Chords

Standard Tuning

E  A  G#m  A    X2

E                     A
We used to walk for miles

G#m              A
Never owned no car

E                           A
We'd hitch our rides from town to town

G#m                         A
Spendin what we had at the bar

E                                     A
There's something about a midsummers friday night

G#m                          A
the smell of the grass and gasoline
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E                      A                         G#m                      A
Never failed to make this heart fonder and I'll never forgotten that it seems


E                        Bm    A      
So crawl out from under that thumb

E                Bm   A
We are bound for the sea

E                         Bm         
It's magic that makes us feel like we are standing

         G#m                   A
In the brightest light of the week.

And so on...

1st Tab by Bayley T mofo. King Cannons rule!