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Song For Annies Harmonica Chords

I just listened to the song a little and this is what i came up with. It might not 
be the exact way he plays it but it sounds good enough. Note that the C* is just a 
little variation of the C chord where you let go with the finger that's pushing 
down the D-string (in most cases the middle finger). So whenever the C* shows up 
just switch between the regular C (X32010) and the C* (X30010). This might sound 
confusing but it's really easy. You'll get it ;)

C  C*/C/C*  
F, Em, G, 
F, Em, G, 

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C                                    Am      G       F
Slid right through the turnstile and off the loft we went,
         C                            F               G
We were taken in by strangers, called out by coil and kin.
   C                 Am          G       F
Oh concentrate on as far back as you can go,
When we would put a bullet in its
          F                G
belfry to prove it's all a hoax,
So what we don't impress the fireworks
         Am         G     F
with the strumming of our smiles
But you can look up how high heaven is
    F                G
and try to count the miles,
         F          G         (C)
Keeps us busy for awhile.

(play the intro once or twice inbetween the verses)

C                                     Am    G      F
Said the cradle to the kick drum that life begins again,
Smoke butts like spent bullets
       F                 G
Street sweepers home to sleep again
And when he put his arms around me his
Am       G          F
hoodie smelled like gasoline,
So here's to all lost fragrances,

     F                G
To a future with some balance,
     F                G
To a future without judgment,
     F              G       C
To a future with my   family

     F                G
To a future without anger,
     F                 G
To a fate of more than damaged fits,
     F                G        C
To a future worth  re...membering.

(you can end with the intro and end on C or just invent your own ending)