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March 25 1998 Chords & Tabs

Kind Of Like Spitting Chords & Tabs

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March 25 1998 Chords

Artist: Kind of Like Spitting
Song: March 25, 1998
Tabber: Andrew Biles

This is my favourite Kind of Like Spitting song so it had to be done at some point.
It be found on both the self-titled EP and album and also a version of a ecording
done at Fireside Bowl in 2002.
At first I thought the capo was on fret four, however, spending a long time trying
to out the last chord, involving both my guitar teacher and his wife, we decided
to try it at different position and finally ended up with the chords sounding correct.

*Updated so it fits the page better*

Capo 1

General strumming pattern

  C                          G

 Am                        Fm6

For this the basic pattern is that above, but I've indicated where the changes should
 In the last section where he repeats, "He was asking for it", you'll notice ^v^v above
lyrics, by this I mean just change the chord each time you reach this point (following the above pattern).

Intro: C, G, Am, Fm6 x2

C                             G                          Am                       
What's your interpretation of the course of events that swings by the light at the 

of the fence?

 C                      G                   Am                        Fm6
I got in a fight at the team dress show and it always flattered me it came off macho and
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C          G            Am                       Fm6
I am a lion, roaring out loud, in my dreams I'm angry, I never touch the ground

C               G                         Am     Fm6       C
I feel like I'm flying, somewhere underneath the sheets.

C                             G                          Am        Fm6
I took your bracelet from the bathroom, I've had it ever since we met

C                              G                               Am       Fm6
You check your lipstick in the mirror, you sway and swing your hips

C                G                               Am                               Fm6   
Head out to the new bad think show at the end of Burnside, at the oh hell used to be the 

not all that familiar

                         G                              Am                Fm6      C
with the history of this town, only been here for a short while, and you knew it

                          G                Am                   Fm6                   C
Say you're sick of all the narrow eyes and all the lies and the actors feeding on our hearts

      G            Am     Fm6              Fm6
Bleed this one dry, don't talk don't lie.

C            G        Am                 Fm6
Everyone, is on call, for a job that they hate.

C                 G                   Am                Fm6
Check the mirror, check the bathroom, check the toilet, sweep it up with broom.

C                G             Am          Fm6                              C
A broom that you, made yourself, from the hangers from the closet down.

He was asking for it (x7)

and you knew it

I realise that the chords are actually sharpened versions of those chords due to the but
they're just the shapes which I personally find easier to follow. If you have any
questions, - e-mail me, I haven't used msn in due to people
asking about tabs and then weeks later asking who I was, it annoyed me.