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I Still Believe Chords

      G                       C
Your blood makes the deaf to hear, right now
      G                      C
Your blood takes away the curse, right now
      Am                   C
Your blood heals every disease, right now
      G                     D
Your blood, sets the addict free, right now
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    Am          C
And I still believe
            G                D
You're the same yesterday, today and forever
    Am         C
And I still believe,
                 G          D
your blood is sufficient for me

Your blood mends the broken heart, right now
Your love propels me to forgive right now
Your blood transforms my mind right now
Your blood brings the dead to life, right now


Repeat Verse 2

Chorus x2

Em7, C
You're the higher power, darkness cannot stand
No longer bound to sin, I am free