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Blues From A Spaceship In C Chords

This is by a band called the KGB.  They're really cool and
they will defintely get super big one day.
anyway,  these guys are definetly hot 3 chord punk so it's
a little bit harder to figure out the chords.  but this is
one of their more simpler songs.  at the end of "in case of
a bad trip", theres a really cool acoustic song which is "Blues From A Spaceship in C" and the whole thing is in Chords.  It's not hard:

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    C    G    Am   C    F    C    F    G
E --0----3----0----0----1----0----1----3
B --1----3----1----1----1----1----1----3
G --0----0----2----0----2----0----2----0
D --2----0----2----2----3----2----3----0
A --3----2----0----3----0----3----0----2
E --0----3----0----0---------0---------3

Yeah so just repeat throughout the song and the lyrics are:

Blues from a spaceship in C
and would you believe that the world isn't such a bad place
and the clouds that will all be erased
will all be replaced
as the world rotates slowly in space
and i think i've forgotten your name
it's more of the same
with the rhyme that escaped from my brain
It's my song, it's my love, it's my curse
I'm a victim of verse
Since the day that I fell through the Earth
It's the hope and the truth that collide
and I'm burning inside
with a feeling i could not describe
if i try, oh if i try

Rosie come out of your trance
There's not second chance
With the moment that slipped through your hands
It's a  moment beyond your command

k thats the end
-kgbaren 11/17/01