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Monsters Anonymous Tab

This is the version that Kevin Hearn & Boothby Graffoe performed live at the 
Cambridge Corn Exchange in September 2010, as part of the Barenaked Ladies UK tour.

Play the following through once for each verse:



"Hello and welcome, to the first general meeting, of the monster's anonymous. I'll start it off…"

Hello my name is T-rex.
I think I've got a complex.
I always want to smash the duplex.
Oh yeah.

Hello my name is Loch Ness.
I've been living in the darkness.
I won't bore you with my regrets.
Oh no.

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I am the will o'wisp.
What I like to do is get pissed.
Then go messing with the tourists.
In the woods.

I am the Minotaur.
For 2000 years or more.
1-0	has been the score.
Oh no.


Hello I am a Cyclops.
I think I'm losing my chops.
I'm addicted to my eye drop.
Oh no.

Hello I am a mummy.
This afterlife is crummy.
I want someone to un-wrap me.
Oh yeah.


We are the princes of the un-dead.
What our daddy did is on our heads.
He turned our coffins into bunk-beds.
Oh no.

I am Frankenstein's creation.
And here is my explanation.
Why I'm bad at procreation.
My nuts are in my neck.


Hello I am a giant.
If you're wondering where your car went.
Go look in my foot print.
Oh yeah


It's me the will o'wisp again.
I've been drinking since before 10.
If you wanna talk to me then,
Come find me in the woods.

Strum the following for the refrain/key change at the end:

(C) Finally day...(G)...light has come
(C) Don't blink your...(G)...eyes or it's gone
You'd better...(A)run...(F# minor)
You'd better...(A)run...(C# minor)
You'd better...(A)run...(C# minor)
You'd better...(d)ruuuuuuuuu(D/F#)uuuuuu(A)n

Kevin & Boothby:

Finally daylight has come.
Don't blink your eyes or it's gone.
You'd better run.
You'd better run.
You'd better run.
Better run (elongated).

"Thank you for attending the first general meeting of the monster's anonymous."

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