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Yr Damned Old Dad Chords

			 Yr Damned Old Dad - Kevin Devine
Tabbed by: knockout511

Capo on the 6th fret

Chords used:
    C    F    G    Am

Intro: just strum C a bunch of times, listen to the song for the pattern

Verses: (all the verses follow the same exact pattern except the last one ends
slightly differently.)

            F      G        C
We're goin' out tonight my son,

               F                    G                     C
So bring your flask, And bring your cross, And bring your gun

              F                  G          C                 Am
And I've been borrowin' lots of cash so you won't be needin' none

               F                       G            C
Just wear your good shoes 'Cause we're goin' out my son

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And I got a car loaded up with gas and parked right outside
I got a city map and a mission in my mind
I just need someone ridin' with me or a brother to my right
To keep me company in that big ol' car outside

'Cause I don't wanna think about the world right now
I wanna go from bar-to-bar and wash the taste clean out
And I wanna feel the way I felt when we were kids messin' around
Before I thought about the world I got to now

But don't go feelin' all stuck and shamed for yr damned ol' dad
'Cause I've seen troubles that could kill ten stronger men
It's just that all this weight from la-la-livin's been catchin' fire in my hands
Well, fuck this town son,I wanna make 'em crawl again

Last verse is palm muted
                   F          G             C
And you tell your lady not to leave on that light

                    F               G           C
You tell her not to sit up worryin' all goddamn night

             F                    G                       C
But if she's awake when you crawl home you just shut your mouth and smile

Am                       F                    G              C
nice.  You say Baby, I'm tired. Can we please turn off those lights?

                  F                   G                  C
You say Baby, I'm tired. I just wanna shut off all those lights.