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11 17 10 Acoustic Tab

11.17.10 Ė Kevin Devine
Tabbed by: Stickadillo11
Tuning:  Standard

Basically, listen for the strumming pattern, but otherwise it should be right.
He varies his solo playing at the end, so I have included a few chords that he switches 
to that you can use how you see best fit.
Also, the second half of the song is played with chords, with essentially the same 
timing, only a fuller strumming pattern.
I will include the progression below, but just refer to the tablature for the timing, as 
it doesnít really change.
Feel free to throw in a few hammer-ons and pull-offs in the chorded parts for a little interest.
Otherwise, any questions, corrections and comments are fully welcomed. Thanks and enjoy, guys.
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        I thought I was in love           It felt like it from close up
    But someplace to spill my blood	         Was all it ever was.
On the times he repeats at the end of the verse, refer to the parentheses

And the chord progression
	C, Am, G, F
	G, F, C, Am
	G, C, Am, F
	C, G, Am; (Am, G, Am, G, F)

Also, when he rocks out in the middle he throws in an E played as diagrammed below.

      C    Am   G    F    E
			                               (for all intents and purposes)
Kevin Devine

I thought I was in love
It felt like it from close up
But someplace to spill my blood
Was all it ever was

I felt I was in debt
Each night spent in your bed
A dream I let drop dead
And never had again

You were the moon held high
You broke black with your clean light
You're words I can't say right
Anytime I try
Anytime I try
Anytime I try

You said, "Sing from your joy!
You sound bored, you sound annoyed.
You can't keep what you did not have;
Can't even give it back.

So go, right from your spine.
Tell the truth and you'll be fine.
So what if your truth's just another lie?
No one seems to mind
No one seems to mind
No one seems to mind

Sour grapes when the joke goes bad
This same smirk, same bullshit laugh
Itís the egg on my face when I can't go back
I didn't plan for that
I didn't plan for that
I didn't plan for that