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Further Than The Stars Tab

Further than stars - Cousin Kevin

This is my first try. It's not 100% correct but sounded close enough.
This is a great song by kevin, i couldn't find any intro tabs online so 
I just went ahead tab it myself, hope you like it.

---- 110 tab ----

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E ---0-3-0----------------------------2-------2/3/2--------|
B -3------------------------0-----------3-----------0------|
G ----------------------------0-----2-----2-2--------------|
D ------------0-----0-----0-----0-0------------------------|
A ----------3---2/3---3------------------------------------|
E ----------------------3----------------------------------|

E ----3--------3-3--2---------------------------|
B -----3-------3-3--2---------------------------|
G ------0------0-0--2---------------------------|
D --2----------0-0--0---------------------------|
A 3---------2-------0---------------------------|
E --------3---------0---------------------------|


A    Cadd9     C      G      C     G    Cadd9 


Cadd9    G     D    X  3
Cadd9    Gmaj 

Then repeat Verse and so on