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Kev's Courting Song Chords

Kevin Bloody Wilson
Kev's Courtin' Song
Transcribed By Billy Hames, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

intro: (x2)



E                                A
Blown too much of me time buying dinner and wine

    E                    B
And money on flowers and lollies

E                 A
Only to find that what's on me mind

B                        E
Isn't on her's and she's sorry

So I've made up some lines that save wasting time

    E                      B
And keep me from blowin me brass

    E                    A
I'm ever so cool, I just prop up me stool

B                         E
Right next to her's and I ask:


N.C.                A
Do ya fuck on first dates?

Does your dad own a brewery?

Could I feel your tits?

Or will you show them to me?
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'Cause you've got a nice head

And you look pretty honest

So me face'll be leavin' in quart' of an hour

I'd like you to be on it.

(repeat intro lick)

You now how it feels, when you first meet a sheila
And the bullshit you gotta go through
Like callin' her up and tellin' her ya love her
When all that you'd love is just to screw
But she wants to hold hands, and you to meet her old man
And sit around for hours and talk
But me new method is, simply cut through the shit
And get on to the goodies straight off

Do ya fuck on first date?
Does your dad own a brewery?
Can I feel your tits?
Or will you show them to me?
Do ya sleep in the nick?
Do you give head very often?
If we can decide between your place or mine
We can fuck off, then

(intro lick)

So the next time you see, a good lookin' sheila
And you'd give a week's pay to hold her
Don't sit acting dumb, just run her for long
And drop a few lines that I've told you
This new method of mine might not work every time
But then again no method will
I've been spat at and slapped and kneed in the nack
But then I've got a few fucks as well

Do ya fuck on first date?
Does your dad own a brewery?
Can I feel your tits?
Or will you show them to me?
If the answer is no
To me questions above
Then be a good sport and give me the name
Of a girlfriend who does

(intro lick)