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Queen Of My Dbl Wide Trailer Chords

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Queen of My Doublewide Trailor
by Sammy Kershaw
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         A                       D
Well, I met her out at Murphy's Resteraunt
     G             D              
She said she was fresh from the farm
 A                             D
And I remember thinkin' for a country girl
      G         D          A
That she went pretty well armed
    A                         D
We sat there talkin' by the lobster tank
    G            D        A
I ordered her a sloe gin fizz
 A                           D
And when the chicken fried steaks arrived
     G            D          E
She said I like living like this.

      A                         D           A
So I made her the queen of my doublewide trailor
           F#m                        E      D
With the polyester curtains and the redwood deck
   A                   D          A
Sometimes she runs and I got to trail her
F#m                            D         A 
dang her black heart and her pretty red neck.    

A few nights later I run into her 
with some stranger on a park bench
she said he rebuilds engines and his name is Earl
he's the Charlie Daniels of the torque wrench
I whispered honey lets just go on home
and have some onion rings and watch TV
and as I walked her to the truck
Earl was cryin' don't you leave me

I told him..[CHORUS]

I said this here's....[CHORUS]   do this twice...  

 and then:

She's the Queen---twice.  all the time playing the chords of the chorus.

Jacob Wilson   (