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She Got It All Chords

Intro: G D Em C G D C G C G C G

G               D
She's got every quality
Em             C
>From A all the way to Z
G            D                     C G C G C G
It's easy to see she's the perfect girl

She's got every single thing
That makes up my wildest dreams
G	     D           	 C 	 	
Somtimes I still can't quite believe she's holding me cuz


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             G               D 
She's got it all my heart my soul my wishes
Em                C
All of my love my hugs my kisses
G               D                 Em    C
Everything that means anything at all
G           D             
All my life I been hopin'
Em                   C             
I could give someone such devotion
G                D         Em   C
Every sweet memory I can recall
She got it all

You know that I admit
Someone to love like this
Only existed in my prayers
Until I saw her face
I knew I found the place
Where I could keep every faith eternally cuz


Solo over verse