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Ok. This is the song from the FORD: BOLD MOVES commercial. I recorded the song (:D) and
I sat down and started to repeat that song over and over and over again, until I
the lyrics and I got the chords. I sat down on the piano to get the chords right, then 
it on the guitar, and it was awesome! It should be 100% correct. I have a musical ear :]

NOTE: The whole song isn't released yet, FORD only released half of it.

Intro: F# A F# A ...

Breath In,

Breath Out,

F#      A
Restless, waiting for anything
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F#       A                     F#
Attention, is thick in the air

Are you gonna lead or follow me?

Full speed

Turn up the overdrive

Makes me feel,

Glad that I'm alive

It's time,

A                     F#
We've finally made our move

So come on, come on, come on NO!

F#        Bflat
Let's go, let's jump right in

     Eflat                E
Screamin to the wind, feel the fire within

F#                 Bflat            Eflat
I can't ignore this burning in my soul

So come on baby let's go, come on baby let's go

End: F# A F# A ...