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EMMANUEL Copyright 2001 Kelanie Gloeckler
Kelanie Gloeckler 
(Kelanie plays with capo on 3rd fret / key of D) 
               Gm7        C7sus C7        F 
INTRO:     /        /       /       /          /      /     /     / 
F                                Dm7 
Emmanuel, God with us 
            Gm7 F/A     Bb Bb/D   Bb 
What a won - der - ful myst - ery 
              C7sus       C7 
What an awesome love 
          F                                  Dm7 
I have been, made free from sin 
        Gm7    F/A Bb   Bb/D Bb 
I am cruci - fied with Chri - st 
           C7sus      C7 
And in Jesus Iím alive 
       Bb         C                  Dm7 
And Iím redeemed by the blood of the Lamb 
        Bb   C                   Dm7    G7 
And I am loved by the Great I AM 
                   F                         C 
You are the Prince of Peace,      Mighty God 
Dm              Bb 
Everlasting Father 
F                 C 
Risen One, Lion and the Lamb 
Dm                  Bb 
Alpha and Omega 
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