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The Promise Song Chords

                       The Promise Song - Keith Green
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Verse 1:
    Em7     A          D         G      A       Bm
Oh, if you keep my word, I'll make you as a tree
Em7     A             Bm              Em7      A      D
Planted by the streams of life, if you'll submit to me
            Em7      A          D        Em7             A    Bm
And if you love the hateful ones, Who mistreat you constantly
     Em      A             Bm                    Em        A   D
The book of life shall bear your name, if you love your enemies

Em7   Bm   A D
Yes, Lord, Jesus
Em7   Bm   A D A
Yes, Lord, Jesus

Verse 2:
And if you'll do my will, I'll make you living stones
To build up in my father's house, if you'll serve me alone
And if you'll love all men, especially the least
I'll raise you the lowest ones, and make you kings and priests


Verse 3:
And if you'll seek my face, and set your life apart
I'll let myself be found by you, when you look with all your heart
And if you never turn aside, to the left or to the right
I'll be a lamp unto your feet, and keep you on the path of life