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Constant Craving Chords

Constant craving

INRO: Em Bm7 C/D  C

         Em Bm7            C/D     C
Verse 1: Ev-en through the darkest phase
         Em Bm7         C/D
         be it thick or thin
         Em Bm7        C/D      C
         Always someone marches brave
         Em Bm7          C/D
         here beneath my skin  

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            C   D/C  Gmaj7  Em       F      Em
Chorus: And con-stant cra---ving has always been 

        Em Bm7        C/D     C
verse 2:May-be a great magnet pulls
        Em Bm7         C/D 
        All souls towards truth
        Em Bm7        C/D      
        Or maybe it is life itself
                Em Bm7         C/D        
        That feeds wisdom To itís youth