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Call The Sun Chords

A difficult song to find, but easy to play and very nice, slow, sad song.
Artist's official site: http://www.katyj.com/cds.html
The song's youtube linke is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g8Z3_aJaCA

4 main chords repeated throughout the song in this order:
C: 032010
G: 320003
Am: 002210
F: 133211

(I'm writing some of the lyrics below, couldn't find them anywhere)
C G Am F x2
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/katy_j/call_the_sun_crd.html ]
[C]Someone call [G] the sun [Am] cuz i've fallen [F] again
[C] November skies became [G] December cries became [Am] more questions [F] why

[C]Someone [G] please call the [Am] sun [F]

I've been [C] loving strangers been [G] left by my lover [Am] ??? skies ????  ???? [F] ???
[C] Cold .... [G] cold... [Am] cold... so [F] cold...

[C]Someone [G] please call the [Am] sun [F]

....etc. Same thing throughout the song
(PS: If you find the lyrics in full please let me know!)