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Great Escape Chords

This is a song which has been circulating the internet for a few years as a Guster w/ Dave Matthews 
song.It is actually a song by a band named Katie's Dimples, called "Great Escape". 
It's fun and easy to play. Listen to the song to get the rythym.  
If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to add on.

G   Em    G    Em    G      Em      G       Em

1st verse:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/katies_dimples/great_escape_crd.html ]
G                          Em                                G
           Let’s begin, it started with a plan
Em                                        G
           To get out of here  
G                                      Em                                                         G
           Said hey come in cause the weather don’t wait for no one,
           And sure not us.

C                           D
         You seem so precious
          Or maybe we’re just tired
          And bored with our lives because
C                           D
          It seems so sinful
          At the same time

2nd verse:
Five miles out of town
She turned to me said,
Is it too late to turn around?
Cause I think I forgot my things
And I think we forgot our heads
And we can’t get to far without them
Oh no no no.

Repeat chorus 

G  Em   G    Em     G    Em    G    Em

Repeat chorus twice

      She’ll turn around,
       I’ve seen her face as I watched her say
Em                 G