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I Hurt Too Chords

When youre weary (G) and haunted (D)
And your (C) life is not what you wanted (G)
When youre trying (D) so hard to find it (G)

When the lies (G) speak the loudest (D)
When your friends (C) are starting to leave (G)
When youre broken (D) by people like me (G)

I (C) hurt too (G), I (D) hurt too (G)
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When an ocean (G) sits right between us (D)
There is no (C) sign that well ever cross (G)
You should know now (D) that I feel the loss (G)

I (C) hurt too (G), I (D) hurt too (G) (2x)

Even though you (C) are drowning in valleys of echoes (G)
I believe there is (D) peace in those hills up ahead (G)
You will climb (C) til you find places youll never let go (G)
And I (D) will also be here praying just like I said (G)

I (C) hurt too (G), I (D) hurt too (G) (5x)

by Katy