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In Your Shoes Chords

G Em C D 

                G                             Em
If i could live one day in your shoes,To know exactly what it's like to be 
                    C               D
you, To know al the problems you go throug, 
To be you.

I'd like to live your live for a while,
To truly understand what makes you smile,
to share in akk your joy, all of me, all of you!
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D              G
  What are you thinking?
What's you perspective?
            C                  D
All of your hopes and all your dreams,
          G      Em                        C                D  
Finding a way to understand you, sharing a love thats truly real. G D

I knoe we don'T always agree, bu without you where would i be,
I want to spend time, knowing ehat it's like, to be you

I want to hear about your day,
Let you know that everything will be ok
   C                      D   G
Together we don't have to be alone
D G Em C D G