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Spin Chords

Song: SPIN
Artist: Kristi Kates
Album: Tangle


Asus  Fsus 
Am I free enough to tell you?					
Am I free enough to say?					
Too much information spinning through my mind
                                    C  E
A new confusion every day
Asus  Fsus
It's not like being in a twister
It's more like being in a film
Hallucination Burton movie
                                          C  E
I've had enough, I've had my fill

             Asus  Fsus  C  E
	Oh - spinning me around				
	Oh - spinning me around
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Asus  Fsus
Too many thoughts have come to visit
There's too much thinking, do I care?
Tempts me to fixate on the telly
                                          C    E
Empty thoughts in easy chairs


	It's like that ride,	
	Down at the carnival	
		     Bb  C	
	When the floor drops out	
                           Bb  Am		
	You're suspended there		
                                   G  F   		
	Spinning on the air					

Asus    Fss
No, I'm not free enough to tell you
I said that I'm not free enough to say
There's too much information 
Spinning through my mind
                                        C  E
So much confusion in the way