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Manhattan From The Sky Chords

Since this song is recorded with a piano, the plain guitar chords are pretty simple.


(to make it sound more like the piano, separately pluck the D G and B strings in 
between the G and C chords)

First verse:

G    C
G              C
Whatcha doing today
                   G    C
what are you doing later
G                              C              Am
I donít know my way through a maze of gray skyscrapers
But Iím willing to learn

Same calls for the 2nd verse.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/kate_voegele/manhattan_from_the_sky_crd.html ]
C             G               D
You are my Manhattan from the sky
C                    G             D      Em
You look so neat and tidy when Iím way up high,
C                           G            D           Em
But I know your streets are lined with a fine mess inside
           C                 D             G
And I wanna come down and walk around your mind.

I know you want me to see donít lie to me
Why you gotta go be so shy to me?
Em                               D
I ainít buying the false anxiety let your fortress fall

And then it repeats throughout the bridge.