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Truckdriver Chords


Capo on 2nd  Fret - listen to song for timing and strum pattern.


G            C
G            C
              G		             	     C
When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a truckdriver
	     G		         C	           
I wanted to drive my whole life away
          G	           Bm
I would stop at all of the truckstops on the roadside and Id 
  C		        Am
Order the special with fries
              G			       D	  C
Then I would get back in my truck and drive for miles and miles
            G						       C
I grew up on a farm out in southern Ontario, I guess I was a lucky girl
         G						             C
But our white picket fence was a bit of a joke, it was broke and it fenced me in
     G		              Bm
Sometimes to get away I would lay myself down
        C			Am
In the sweet summer hay fields at night
                 G                            D
I'd watch the headlights on the highway and I would
Dream of a better life

          G		C
I would drive
         G		C
I would drive
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I got my license when I was seventeen years old, it was my freedom ticket
Id listen to rock 'n' roll on FM radio as I drove those country roads
Then Id pick up a six-pack and a couple of friends and wed just
Waste time, driving around
I'd feel the wind on my face, then I'd go get drunk in a field someplace

I would drive
I would drive

When I was twenty-two, I finished some school, packed up and
Moved out west
Sitting on my roof above the city smoking hand-rolled cigarettes
But there were buildings between me and who I wanted to be
And they started closing in on me
I got that gotta get me outta this place feeling again

So I got me a job stocking shelves for eight bucks an hour in
A small mountain town grocery store
And the women cashiers had been working there for many years or more
And their husbands worked the butcher line
While I tried to keep my stock in a straight line
But I was biding time and besides I never was the marrying kind

D		       C
Im hard because Ive had to be
         D		         C
And Im scarred from my lifes accident scenes
But singing taught me to feel something
In the midst of nothing
     	         D				C
It got my heart pumping and put my hands on the wheel (hands on the wheel)

I will drive
I will drive

 	      G 			    C
When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a truckdriver