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This Song Is Really Easy To Play Once You Get Into It;

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This Is The Part Where She Sings, 'I Hate Seagulls And I Hate Being Sick...'
You May Not Be Able To Sing Along Once You've First Learnt It But Once You've Got The 
Of It You Will.

I Hate Seagulls,
And I Hate Being Sick.
I Hate Burning My Finger On The Toaster,
And I Hate Nits.
I Hate Falling Over,
I Hate Grazing My Knee.
I Hate Picking Of The Scab A Little Bit Too Early.
I Hate Getting Toothache,
I Hate When It's A Pisstake.
I Hate All The Mistakes I Make.
I Hate Rude Ignorant Bastards,
And I Hate Snobbery.
I Hate Anyone Who If I Was Serving Chips Wouldn't Talk To Me...