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Waking Up Sideways Chords

Chorus   D                         A
         Lurking in the shadows of madness
         I'm feeling like a fool in the silence
                        G          A
         I'm waking up sideways
         I'm waking up sideways

Verse    Well I'm low coz you're here
 (same)  Got it right, I'm seeing clear
(chords) When it's hard to let go
         And I think you should know
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Verse    Moving on from your eyes
 (same)  Got me down, I feel alive
(chords) When you're on my mind
         And I hope there's time for me to say


Verse    I forgot what to say
 (same)  What to do when you're away
(chords) When you're up and down
         When you're near I'll find a way to stay


Interlude     Bm - A - Bm - A - Bm - A - G - A

Bridge - mmmmm   (same chords as chorus/verse)

Chorus    (x2)

Outro           (same chords as chorus/verse) - End on D