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From: wichmann@fys.ku.dk (Kristian Wichmann)
Subject: "The Story Of Jamie Fame Flame" by Kashmir.
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 96 15:32:03 +0100

The Story Of Jamie Fame Flame
(also known as 'Everybody Knows My Name')
by Kashmir
from the album Travelogue

Intro & chorus:

  E5   D/F# G5         B5   D5   E5
(The little octave slide lick is a fill I've heard
thrown in quite a few times live. But don't
overdo it for God's sake...)

Verse: (listen to record for accurate rhythm!)

  E5        A5         G5             E5

(There's probably some variations on that. Feel free!)

As for the solo and middle section I really don't know. Except live
there's a really cool jazzy clean part in the middle. It has
a '3/8 against 4/4'-feel which may take a little time to
get into for the unintiated...
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  E9                                             F9

If you've ever seen the band live you should have fun
dancing around to that one...

There's no guitar playing during the third verse...

And now for something completely and utterly silly: The Lyrics (rap style)

1st Verse:

	Well I was sitting in my limousine drinking champagne,
	when this little girl knocked on my door
	She was a'crying for my money so I told her: "Little honey,
	I haven't got enough. I need more!"
	But anyway I asked her to sit on my seat,
	so I could mingle off her clothes and feel her heart beat

1st Chorus:

	Everybody knows my name.
	Everybody wants my fame.
	There's nobody I can blame.
	Jamie Fame Flame, that's my name. (Huh!)
2nd Verse:
	The next day in the paper I read about a raper,
	and a picture that was supposed to be me.
	When I didn't seem to care, and was walking down the stairs,
	there was a crowd that were shouting on me;
	They were jumping on my pictures, burning all my record,
		closing down the fanclub, turning over my car!
	So then I realized that they all were hypnotized,
	and that I was no longer a star!

2nd Chorus:
	Everybody hates my name
	Maybe I should do the same
	There's just one man I can blame
	Jamie Fame Flame, that's my name

3rd Verse:

	So when I woke up in the morning in the middle of a desert,
	I found myself alone without clothes
	I was a'freezin', I was yawning but I met this little wizard,
	and he taught me how to sing with my nose:
	(Sing through you nose!!!:)
		We sang a lot of songs of what is right and what is wrong,
		I felt like if a was I a haze.
		Then he took me to a cave where an elder woman sat
		That was the place where I was ending my days!
3rd Chorus:

	Everybody knew my name
	Everybody wanted my fame
	There's just one man I could blame
	Jamie Fame Flame was my name
(This is done from memory so there might be a few errors. Please correct me!)

Er der egentlig andre end danskere der l‘ser dette? Hvorfor s† skrive
p† engelsk?

	Hilsen wichmann@fys.ku.dk
P.S.: Check min v‘mmeside: