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Curse Of Being A Girl Acoustic Chords

This version is where Kasper performs solo on an Icelandic TV show.
I haven't tabbed the solo off yet, so this is just the chords for the
verse and chorus. =)

Capo 3.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/kashmir/curse_of_being_a_girl_acoustic_crd.html ]
G                          Am
You pretend that you're allright
The worst noise
Is when you are keeping quiet
D                          Am
Seeing now the kind of girl
          C     G    C    Em
who will dramatise, traumatise
G                                        Am
Don't fold your hands, don't hold your tounge
Em                                       Bm
The other girls will try to prove you wrong
D                                Am
The words will torture like a storm
           C      G    C          Em
you can't step aside, you can't resign

D                         Am    C
It's just the curse of being a girl
G                 Am                 Em
tonight you must hold your head up high
D                          Am    C
Be aware that you're the purest pearl
G                 Am                        C
Tonight shoot the reflections back in their eyes