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The Hard Way Chords

ARTIST: Kasey Chambers
ALBUM:  The Captain
SONG:   The Hard Way

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Capo 3rd fret
If I could do it all [A] again
Well I wouldn’t change a thing
I'd have you back the way I had you [E] then
But one thing that I know this time I wouldn't make you go
I'd have you back I wouldn't lose you [A] again
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But I learned the [D] hard way 
I can't have it back what i had [A] then
Yes I learned the [D] hard way
And I know I won't have that chance [E] again

Some nights I [A] sit on my own
With the feeling of alone
Wondering if your ever coming [E] home
And I know why you're gone
I'll be the first to say I'm wrong
But it's hard to spend another night [A] alone

[Repeat CHORUS]

[Instrumental]  [A] [E] [A]

[Repeat CHORUS]