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My Beloved Chords

You're My Beloved 
 G/B        C    
You're My Bride 
              G    G/B     C 
To sing over you is My delight 
Am         D              G 
    Come away with Me My love 

|C2/E   |D/F#   |

Under My mercy 
G/B       C    
Come and wait 
D/F#          G      G/B      C 
Till we are standing face to face 
Am            D                G
    I see no stain on you My child 

       D/F#  C/E    G 
You're Beautiful to Me  
   D/F#  C/E    D 
So Beautiful to Me 

             G     G/B      C 
I sing over you My song of peace 
D/F#            G       G/B     C 
Cast all your cares down at My feet 
Am             D                G 
     Come and find your rest in Me 
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D/F#                       G          G/B  
   I'll breathe My life inside of you 
C                       Am      G 
   I'll bear you up on eagle's wings 
D/F#                   G     G/B      C 
   And hide you in the shadow of My strength 
D/F#                    G     G/B
   I'll take you to My quiet waters 
C                     Am     G
   I'll restore your soul 
D/F#            G     G/B       C     D 
   Come rest in Me and be made whole 

|G  G/B |C D/F# |
|G  G/B |C      |
|Am    C|D      |     
|D/F#    |C/E    |G    |G    |
|D/F#    |C/E    |D    |D    |

You're My beloved 
 G/B       C 
You're My Bride 
   D/F#       G    G/B    C 
To sing over you is my delight 
Am        D                 G 
   Come away with me my love