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I Promised Myself Chords

Nick Kamen - I promised myself 
                      *1                 *2  
Chords:  A A2 A4 E4 E E2 Bm Bm2 Bm4 C#m C#m/B Bm/A F#4 F#

*1-difficult, try the 4th on D with the little finger
*2-difficult too, not necessary, sounds good without it either

Intro: A A2 A4 A
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Part 1
	         A A2 A4 A
I promised myself 
                 E4         E E2 E
I promised I'd wait for you 
	       Bm  Bm2 Bm4
The midnight hour 
              E4              E E2 E
I know you'll shine on through 

Part I
I promised myself 
I promised the world to you 
I gave you flowers 
You made my dreams come true 

Part 2
C#m     C#m/B  F#4 F#
How many of us out there 
         Bm              Bm/A     E4  E
Feel the need to run and look for shelter 

Part 1
I promised myself 
That I'd say a prayer for you 
A brand new tomorrow 
Where all you wish comes true 

Part 1
I promised myself 
That I'd make it up to you 
My sister and brother 
Know I'm in love with you 

Part 2
How many of us out there 
Feel the pain of losing 
what was once there 

Part 2
God I know what people 
say about her 
No mistake who can live 
without love 

Part 1
In the midnight hour 
I will wait for you 
I will wait for you 
I will wait for you 
Christian Stieg