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Temples Of Gold Chords

Kamelot - Temples of gold by Milos Milosevic

Itís  originaly from D#m,but set it to Cm,so i can sing(1,5 step down)

standard tuning

I see you when it snows
in crystals dancing down
Fm     G7       Cm   
from a sultry sky
when silence is pure and unbreakable 
G#            H
I can see you smiling
in every frozen tear
G#            H             Cm         
I can hear you whisper "You and I?
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little did we know 
that they were life itself
the days passing by
we both had our share in the sacrifice

once upon a time 
we had something beautiful
once upon a time 
I thought "you and I?

B (interlude)

Cm           Gm
take me wherever 
Cm                  Gm
the answer lingers in the sand
Cm          Gm        G#
show me the way as the story unfolds
love is remote 
in this wailing winter wonderland
show me the way to the temples of gold

bless me with a kiss
across the universe
when day and night converge
and whisper my name till I fall asleep