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If The Night Chords

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(Chris Darrow)

from Side Trips, 1967

Intro: Em D Em D

1st verse:
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Em           D                    Em      D
If the night proves too black for you
Em                    D                          Em       D
And its mysteries hide your kiss that's meant to fool


G           C        D        C            E
Your way of life has left its mark, that's clear
G        C      D                     C     C/B C/A C/G
Life for you is cheap while my mind's near

Verse 2:

You played your tricks and now I've seen your game
You seek love and grasp it as a poor man who seeks fame

(aahs over chorus chords)

Verse 3:

Your cheating kind has had its hold on me
And belief in a love that turned out not to be

(chorus, ends on Em)

- by Dann Butterfield
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