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Say Youll Stay Chords

Gm                Gm/F#       Gm/F
Tonight we're all alone tonight
Gm/E                        Cm
There's never been a moment
That trembled like tonight
  G/F#                 Gm/F
I read your eyes tonight
  Gm/E               Cm7                        Gm7
I see a love I've always known from another time
        Cm7            F                      Cm7
That once again is mine I need to know
Are you real?
           Bb        Am     Gm
Do you feel the way I feel?
                Cm7                 Gm
Could you love like I love you?
Cm7                                F
Say you can and say you do
                Bb              F
Say you'll stay, by my side
            Cm7                Gm
Say it's more than just tonight
            Cm7                    Gm                         Cm7           F
Say our love, would never let you walk away (never walk away)
               Bb                     F
Say you'll stay, say you're sure
              Cm7                     Gm
Say my heart was made for yours
             Cm7            F
Let our love, lead the way
Say you'll stay (say you'll stay)

Gm              Gm/F#       Gm/F       
Tonight, I've waited for tonight
       Gm/E            Cm7            Gm7         
I've waited all my life to be here where we are
        Cm7                 F
With you here in my arms
              Cm7                 F
I can't believe, how you shine
          Bb         Am   Gm7
Is this moment really mine?
                  Cm7                Gm
Could you love, like I love you?
             Cm7                   F
Say you can and say you do

Say you'll stay
Bb7                   Eb
Forever in my arms
        F7                         Bb
And whenever tears are falling
Am7     Gm7            Cm7
Girl, I'll kiss them all away
Gm7          Cm7           F                     Bb  
So if you wanna be my lady, say you'll stay

(Chorus)  There ya go! BUYA!
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