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I Cant Explain Tab

As the silence is growing, between us seems both
You and I know
The words unspoken, the questions hanging

E -----------------------------------------------------------|
B -----------0-----1-------3---0-----------------------------|
G -------2-----2-----2---2-----0--2-0-h-2-p-0----------------|
D -----2---2-----2-----3-------0-----------------------------|
A -----------------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------|

In the air now, I can?t see how we?re getting anywhere
E -----------------------------------------------------------|
B -----------0-----1---------0-----1---0---1---3---0---------|
G -------2-----2-----2---2-----2----2-0--0---0--0?-0---------|
D -----2---2-----2-----3---3-----3-----------------3---------|
A -----------------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------|
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	       C    G
I can?t explain
	F	      G*
Why love lost it?s glow
And it slipped away
  Dm	   Dm*
How did it go
	       C     G
I just can?t say
        F            G*
My heart leads the way
	  C       Am
When tomorrow comes
      Dm     Dm*    Am
I may be on my way

The future that we, once thought we had turned into a past.
Fading fast and, we tried but couldn?t make it last
And watched it vanish, Now we?re standing here.

     C    G    F     G*     Am     Dm      Dm*
E --------3----1-----3-------------1-------1----------------------|
B ---1---------1-----3------1------3-------0----------------------|
G -------------2------------2------2-------0----------------------|
D ---2---------3------------2------0-------x----------------------|
A ---3----2----3-----2-------------x-------x----------------------|
E --------3----1-----3-------------x-------x----------------------|