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Gina ? Martijn (K-otic)

A                              E
Love always seemed an illusion to me
I could never make things fit
Bm			Dm
But now that thought turned around
Bm					    E
Cause everything feels so right
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A                              E
You see I met you on this big day
A                        E
I saw your face and got filled with emotion
Bm			              Dm
So now the sky seems a different blue
Bm					    E
Cause I know my heart belongs to you

    A  E
Ohh Gina
		Bm               D
Could you look at me once more
           Bm                Dm
Before you walk out of that door
    A  E
Ohh Gina
            Bm               D
Just wanna look you in the eye
		     Bm               D
Cause I can?t stand sayin? goodbye

This is all I got. You have to figure it a bit more out, but it's an idea how to play it. Comments are