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Futuresex Lovesound Chords

Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSound

standard tuning
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/justin_timberlake/futuresex_lovesound_crd.html ]
                   A5     B5      F#5
You know what you want
                    A5       B5     F#5
And that makes you just like me
                          A5     B5   F#5
See everybody says you're hot, baby
                    A5      B5        F#5
But can you make it hot for me?
                              A5             B5     
Said if you're thinking 'bout holding back
Don't worry, girl
                         A5    B5    F#5
'Cause I'm gonna make it so easy
                       A5            B5           F#5
So slide a little bit closer to me, little girl
               A5          B5     F#5
Daddy's on a mission to please

Wait a second
She's hopped up on me
I've got her in my zone
Her body's pressed up on me
I think she's ready to blow
B5                A5
Must be my future sex love sound
And when it goes down
Baby all you gotta do is...

(chords are just like before: A5  B5  F#5)
Just tell me which way you like that
All you gotta do is
Tell me which way you like that
Do you like it like this?
Do you like it like that?
Tell me which way you like that
Tell me which way you like that


A5 B5 F#5 B5 C#5 G#5 G5    
x  x  x   x   x   x  x
x  x  x   x   x   x  x
x  x  x   7   6   x  x
7  9  4   5   6   6  5
7  9  4   5   4   6  5
5  7  2   x   x   4  3