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Cry Me A River Chords

Not so easy to play but it sounds great.

G#m          D#7   
You were my sun
E           C#dim
You were my earth... (and repeat the same four chords over!)
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But you didn't know all the ways I loved you, no
So you took a chance
And made other plans
But I bet you didn't think that they would come crashing down, no
You don't have to say, what you did,
I already know, I found out from him
Now there's just no chance, for you and me, there'll never be
And don't it make you sad about it

You told me you loved me
Why did you leave me, all alone
Now you tell me you need me
When you call me, on the phone
Girl I refuse, you must have me confused
With some other guy
Your bridges were burned, and now it's your turn
To cry
Cry me a river
Cry me a river-er
Cry me a river
Cry me a river-er, yea yea