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Impulsive Chords

Intro: E-A (2x)

       E       B          A          B  
The secret of love, I thought I understood

        E           B             C#m     B      
The way it's supposed to be, I never imagined you could

    Bm    A           G#m F#m                 B   
Blow my theory apart, But now you're running away with my heart


                      E-G#m               A
I don't wanna think about it, Don't wanna think clear

      E-G#m              A             B           C#m   B-E             
Don't analyze, What I'm doing here, Wanna be impulsive Reckless

      A                  B  
And lose myself in your kiss
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(DO stanza Chords)
Arrows through hearts, Drawn on a misty window
You're taking me home in the rain
My heart, it's beating, dont say no
My head keeps saying take it slow

                    E-G#m          A
You're giving me a feeling, It's sudden rush

Acting on the moment

Spontaneous, wooh...

Oooh.. this is not like me

 F#m=G#m-A-B            E       D        
To follow my heart so easily impulsive

 A          E                 Bm         A
I never imagined you could, Blow my theory apart

       F#m                B       E A        E A   
But now you're running away with my heart...my heart..

(repeat Chorus)

You're gving me a feeling, It's sudden rush,
Acting on the moment, Spontaneous
Wanna be impulsive, reckless, And lose myself in your kiss woh

(DO Chorus Chords)
Impulsive, I wanna be..impulsive
Im gonna e impulsive reckless, And lose myself,lose myself