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Dream Without You Chords


Verse 1:
Last night you said you love me
Last night you said you needed me
When I woke up I never saw your face
When I woke up You never left a trace

E                        A
And if there's nothing I can say or do
E                           A
I'll sing this song I wanna sing to you

I don't wanna dream if my dream is without you
I don't wanna sleep if my dream will only be blue
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I don't wanna hear the words
I don't wanna feel your touch
E                       A                 D- hold on
All I know is that you hurt me so much

(Repeat Intro:)

Verse 2:
You said that we would stay together     
I thought that we would be forever
I never thought we'd ever part 
But now I have a broken heart

E                   A
I wonder why I never understand
E                      A
But I understood when I saw you then

(Repeat Chorus:)

Verse 3:
Boy, it's been three years since we part                               
And all those years I never had a change of heart                                     
I'm not asking you back, I just need a friend                             
All I'm asking is, let me dream again

(Repeat Chorus:) 2x