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Be My Number Two Chords

ntro: Gm7-Eb-Gm7-Eb

Bb                Eb    F
Wonít you be my number two
Bb                 Eb      F
Me and number one are through
Gm                      Bb  F
There wonít be too much to do
  Gm                     F
Just smile when I feel blue

Bb                    Eb    F
And thereís not much left of me
Bb                   Eb   F
What you get is what you see
Gm           Bb      F
Is it worth the energy
Gm             F
I leave it up to you

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Gb    Db             Eb         Db
And If you got something to say to me
Gb    D           Eb          Db00
Donít try to play your funny games on me

Gb   Db             Eb        Db
I know that its really not fair of me
Gb                  F
But my heatís seen too much action

Bb                   Eb  F
And every time I look at you
Bb                  Eb    F
Youíll be who I want you to
Gm                  Bb F
And Iíll do what I can do
Gm                          Ebm7
To make a dream or two come true
If youíll be y my
If youíll be my number two

(repeat refrain)