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Into The Dark Chords

The Juliana Theory - Into the dark
jeh, guys there are not many tabs of this one,
so i gave it a try...well, honestly i used a tab 
made by Jonathan McDonald for my version, to see 
his version look at www.geocities.com/snakeeyes3777. 
though i think his version isn't 100% correct 
it helped me alot doing this one, so thanks for that.
i guess they play it 1-step downtuned but i'm too
lazy for that so i made a version with capo on 3.
~ Flojo

capo3 --> normal(DGCFAd)
bm    --> em
D     --> G
G     --> C
A     --> D
f#m   --> g#m

bm                D                G                 A
Dad, your boy 's about to fall. He walks the razor's edge.
     bm              D                G             A
He's on the brink of fading out. He's at his bitter end.
bm                D                G                 A
Dad, your boy who used to run, you taught him how to crawl.
bm              D                 G             A
He left home to find his own, now all he had is gone.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/juliana_theory/into_the_dark_crd.html ]
G                    D             A
In your eyes I see a darkness that torments you
bm                        G
And in your head where it dwells.
  G                           D             A
I'd give you my hand if you'd reach out and grab it.
      bm                  G
Let's walk away from this hell.

[same chords as verse above]
Mom, your baby is on his way.
He'll soon be at your side.
Cause he's forgotten all he's known.
A part of him has died.
Mom may never understand why baby's come and gone.
He left home to find his own, now all he has are lies.


(play in triplet downstrokes, 
the part in {}-brackets play one fast downstroke/chord)

G A bm D 
G A bm {A bm f#m}

G  A    bm   D
In your eyes
G  A    bm   D
In your eyes
G  A    bm   D
In your eyes 
G  A    bm  {A bm f#m}
In your eyes


{A bm f#m} G 4x

I'm not sure but i think on the 'emotion is dead' version 
of the song they play {A bm f#m} before chorus too.