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The Larynx That You Have Chords

Amadd9          Em
The larynx that you have
Dm        Dsus2      Em
Will give no plea to no man

The lovers that you've borrowed whisper

The happy and the naked
The lonesome wearing (?)
We'll get close without touching, in circles
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Fmaj7   Em
Take my idea, and wait for me
Fmaj7           Em             Dm
Is it enough to say you can do anything
Fmaj7        Dm
Oh with your heartache
Fmaj7        Dm
and your love gun
oh, set to stun

the end is arpeggios and ends of course on the A note.

note #1: not really sure about Em in the 'chorus', but adding a C to the chord helps. 
and it's pretty damn close anyway.

note #2: I like playing the chorus in Dm like this

makes stuff sound heavier.